Real Estate Presentations
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Real Estate Presentations

Our drones can help you give your potential buyer a whole new perspective of the house and property from the air through uniquely stunning aerial promotional material. Our drones and skilled operators can capture HD photographs and video from the ground and up to 400 feet in the sky depending on the property.


Using quality interior and exterior images coupled with aerial photography is a winning sales combination.   This is particularly relevant for high value luxury residential property, where sales videos are now becoming more popular.


We employ our own in-house editors using the latest professional Adobe Photoshop / Premiere Pro photo and video editing software. We offer professional editing services including, graphics, colour correction and colour grading services tailored to your requirements.


We can adjust our aerial images and video footage to incorporate your corporate image or design, soundtrack, music and sound effects to deliver film ready for publication. We can advise, install and run videos or images on your website.