Precision Agriculture Solutions
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Precision Agriculture Solutions

Our drones solutions will ensure a permanent monitoring of the crop in your farm /plantation from planting to harvest and monitor or mitigate against
loses due to floods, fire, wind, erosion, pests, animals, fungal attacks
and diseases for insurance and bank purposes.

We have a Nigerian and UK team of Agricultural Engineers, agronomists and drone operators developing and providing drone solutions for agriculture in both countries.


We propose to provide your organization with agricultural and business intelligence that will reduce costs and increase the speed of critical data collection, assisting companies like yours to plan, execute and monitor more accurately.


Our drone technology and solutions will optimise the use of inputs (seeds, fertilisers, water), to react more quickly to threats (weeds, pests, fungi), save time crop scouting (validate treatment / actions taken), improve variable rate prescriptions in real time and estimate your yield from your farm and plantation.


Our solutions and technology provides Agricultural insurance companies and banks with efficient tools for assessing, preventing and mitigating risks on farms and associated agricultural infrastructure.


Our drones solutions and technology is also efficient in livestock monitoring because of its compatibility with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags on livestock.

We are offering the following benefits for using our solution:

Accurately estimate your yields by precisely calculating field characteristics.

To provide agricultural intelligence for insurance companies and banks.

Optimise inputs – seeds, fertilisers, water and crop protection products.

Improve your variable rate prescriptions

Find weeds, pests and diseases on time

Crop health and stress analysis

Erosion analysis

Fast & efficient spraying of crop protection products like pesticides & fungicides.

Assess the severity of weather on your farm or plantation

React quicker to your field threats

Soil property & moisture analysis

Maturity evaluation & Elevation Modeling

Stress monitoring

Plant physiology analysis

Irrigation scheduling

Optimise processes by identifying irrigation weaknesses.

Tally plant population and identifying spacing issue

Measuring rain run offs & erosion channels

Export your data into a variety of formats

Disease & pest severity

Water management

Visual inspection

Drone usage according to season