Oil & Gas Solutions
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Oil & Gas Solutions

Our Industrial Inspection Services:

Drone based NDT inspection and preventive maintenance of gas and oil infrastructure for corrosion, leaks and other anomalies

Our drone inspection software can assess and to measure risks across an asset. It can be used at anyplace, anywhere, anytime

Aerial structural and thermal inspection of refineries and plants without requiring plant shutdowns

Improved worker safety by helping inspector and employees away from dangerous inspection areas

Oil Refinery and Fuel Storage Tanks Inspections:

Simultaneously collecting and delivering both digital photography and thermal imagery. Empowering the inspection engineer to undertake inspection activities while remaining on the ground.

Identifying issues such as water accumulation, solar loading and areas that are potentially susceptible to rust and corrosion.

Visual inspection of tanks is typically required on a monthly, annual or 5 year cycles. We are usually able to collect drone inspections data from across an entire tank farm in less than 1 day.

Flare Stacks and Chimneys Inspections

Minimizing the requirement for rope access and scaffolding to identify cracks and anomalies.

Inspecting the integrity of safety railings and stairs on chimneys, flare stacks and tanks before crews carry out maintenance work.

Oil & Gas Pipeline Monitoring and Preventive Maintenance:

Delivering drone Inspection services that help oil and gas engineers to isolate indicators of rust and corrosion around the circumference of a pipeline.

Deploying thermal imaging systems and delivering data analytics to inspection engineers that can be used to infer the distribution of natural gas through a piping system.

Providing your inspector with spatial analytics and measurements that enable your staff to understand the risk from the natural environment along your network, such as river encroachment on pipelines.