Aerial Drone Technologies | Civil Engineering & Construction Solutions
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Civil Engineering & Construction Solutions

UAV / Drone-based building stock condition survey and inspection.

UAV / Drone-based structural health monitoring and precision survey in civil engineering.

UAV / Drone-based inspection and survey for cartography, orthophotography, topography, cadastral mapping, environmental impact assessment & land development.

UAV / Drone-based surveying and monitoring of infrastructure.

UAV / Drone-based surveying and monitoring of routes like roads, motorways, railways and track systems.

UAV / Drone-based object surveying and monitoring of constructions, buildings, structures and facades.

UAV / Drone-based inspection and survey of bridges, tunnels, level crossings, viaducts, subways etc.

UAV / Drone-based inspection and survey of cathedrals, monasteries, castles, ruins etc.

UAV / Drone-based inspection and survey of surfaces, embankments, dams, reservoirs, protective and retaining walls etc.

UAV / Drone-based surveying and measurements of objects and facilities to create point clouds, topographic data, digital terrain modelling, 3D modelling, reconstruction and volumetric analysis.

UAV / Drone-based Remote sensing and surveying for archeological georeferencing, reconstruction and excavation monitoring.

UAV / Drone-based precision inspection and surveying of heritage monuments